The specialised double drive. The patented mains cut-off with emergency lowering ensures that the application is absolutely free of electromagnetic AC fields. The eco-design directive is considerably exceeded (standby consumption 0.0 W).

  • Load capacity: max. 6000 N on each side (for safety reasons, no pull force)
  • Adjustment speed: max. 3.9 mm/sec. *
  • Equipment options: additional control options (e.g. two OKIMAT in parallel controllable with one handset)


* depending on drive configuration at constant 24/29 V without load

Standard configurations

Performance data
Load capacity max. 6000 N on each side (for safety reasons, no pull force)
Adjustment speed 1 max. 3.9 mm/sec.
Stroke length back rest: 48 / 53 / 69 / 74 / 87 mm
leg rest: 48 / 53 / 69 / 74 / 87 mm
Fitting dimension installation length: 708 mm
component height: 120 mm
axle distance: 581 mm (+/- 2 mm)
axle diameter: 25 mm
Duty cycle 2/18 min. or 10 %, max. 5 switching cycles per minute
Control unit relay control
Motor voltage maintenance-free 24 V DC motor
Limit switch with micro switch
Housing colour black RAL 9005, grey RAL 7035
Supply cable EURO-plug, black RAL 9017, straight, 2000 mm
Transformer / Transformer type 50 VA , 100 VA
Further data
Connectivity 2 1 handset or 1 handheld transmitter
Retracting function /
Quick release
emergency lowering via 9 V battery
Mains isolation yes
Protection type IP20
Protection class II
Relative humidity 30% – 75%
Ambient temperature +10°C - +40°C
Power supply 100 V AC, 120 V AC, 230 V AC, 240 V AC

Extra configurations

Performance data
Fitting dimension axis diameter: 34 mm
Further data
Equipment options additional control options (e.g. two OKIMAT in parallel with one handset)

1 depending on the drive configuration and the control components which are used
2 (example, depending on control unit type)

Ident No. Title Language Type  
69995 OKIMAT 2/3 D Installation instruction  
69997 OKIMAT 2/3 GB Installation instruction  
OKIMAT 2SL D Quick guide  
OKIMAT 2SL GB Quick guide  

DatasheetRequest 3D cad data: Please contact an office next to you

Note: Responsibility for OKIN products when used for specific applications and for adherence to the appropriate guidelines, standards and laws is borne by the manufacturer of the complete system into which OKIN products are fitted. We accept no liability for the correctness.

CE declaration of conformity:
We herewith declare that the actuator described above complies with the basic requirements of EC Guideline 2014/30/EU and EC Guideline 2014/35/EU in terms of its conception and design as well as the version we have placed into circulation. We would be glad to help you in having your end products inspected by certified testing companies such as TÜV, LGA, UL, JET, LNE etc.